Voices of Support-full quotes

Warren Baverstock

Sometimes there is more to be said than can be accommodated by Twitter.. for that reason we wanted to publish the full quotes provided by those who have spoken out #ForCoral here:

Peter Thomson, UNSG’s Special Envoy for the Ocean

IPCC has informed us. We lose coral reefs at 2˚C global warming. Without coral reefs, how can we have a healthy Ocean? Without a healthy Ocean, how can we have a healthy planetary ecosystem? Human security requires us to get to net-zero carbon by 2050, stay below 1.5˚C warming, and to ensure everyone understands that anthropogenic Greenhouse gases are our common enemy.

Zac Goldsmith, The UK International Environment Minister

Protection of our ocean is a global challenge requiring global action. Coral reefs remain vital to this effort, as they support over a quarter of all life in the ocean, and are facing unprecedented threats.

The UK Government is leading the way with our ‘Blue Belt’ of protected waters, and as guardians of both cold and warm water coral reefs, The UK will continue to champion efforts to support our most vulnerable ecosystems, including through the CBD Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Helen Ågren, Ambassador for the Ocean at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Coral reefs are some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on this planet but also very vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We have already lost 50 percent of the coral reefs globally. To save what is left we [must halt climate change] and protect these beautiful and life supporting ecosystems. The world will be a lot poorer without them.

H.E. Edhy Prabowo, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia

The Framework will set the shared objectives and priorities for biodiversity over the next decade to ensure the realization of CBD’s vision – that society is living in harmony with nature by 2050. The Framework goals, targets and indicators make it clear how actions to address coral reef decline contribute to this vision.