Technical resources for SBSTTA 24 formal sessions (May/June 2021)

Warren Baverstock
Technical resources for SBSTTA 24 formal sessions (May/June 2021)

ICRI SBSTTA 24 Preparatory Webinar

Key points relating to working documents and information documents under Agenda Item 3

Download the key talking points for SBSTTA-24 Agenda Item 3: Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (PDF version or Word Version) as relates to the ICRI Recommendation on inclusion of coral reefs and related ecosystems in the CBD Post-2020 GBF.

Response to SBSSTA/24/3/Add.2

See here (PDF) for ICRI’s response to the peer review of SBSTTA24/3/Add.2

Indicator table

Guidance on coral reef indicators to be discussed under Agenda Item 3 at CBD SBSTTA-24:  CBD/SBSTTA/24/3 contains the overview of the updated monitoring framework and draft decision for SBSTTA-24 and CoP15. CBD/SBSTTA/24/3Add.1 is an addendum with the full list of proposed indicators (i.e. the current proposed monitoring framework).

The ICRI Recommended Indicators Table (PDF file) responds to the content of the documents described above, to be considered under agenda item 3 at SBSTTA-24, and the ICRI recommendation.

Other resources 

  • Voices of Support – People playing different roles in our society and with different voices in the CBD Negotiations have been contributing their voices of support for ICRI’s call to prioritise coral reefs in the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (you can fi nd the full list of quotes here). Please feel free to share these on social medial,  you can share your voice too using the hashtag #ForCoral and tag @ICRI_Coral_Reef
  • ICRI Recommendation on the inclusion of coral reefs and related ecosystems within the CBD Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework – The Recommendation is a contribution to the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) development process to ensure the appropriate inclusion of coral reef ecosystems. The Recommendation pays particular attention to identifying clear, measurable indicators for coral reefs as a way to ensure actions to address coral reefs are prioritised in realising the targets and goals of the GBF. A summary of the Recommendation is also available.
  • Alongside the Recommendation, ICRI has produced a number of supporting materials, including infographics and a one-minute video, all of which can be found here

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