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WWF International



John Tanzer
WWF International
Oceans Practice Leader
[email protected]

WWF is working with everyone from people in remote fishing communities to heads of state, and with many diverse partners, to unleash a wave of support for our oceans.

By highlighting the importance of healthy oceans for human wellbeing, we’re engaging with communities, governments and businesses – including the finance industry – to end damaging activities and to spur investment in sustainable practises that help conserve the marine environment.

We’re protecting and restoring critical coastal environments, with a strong focus on coral reefs and mangroves, and are engaging in major new collaborations to achieve our ambitions. And we’re launching a global effort to end plastic pollution, focusing on key industries and major cities, complementing the efforts of others.

Another top priority is making fisheries sustainable – keeping enough fish in the sea, and minimizing impacts on habitats and other species. And we’re supporting coastal communities – particularly in developing countries – to manage their marine resources, and using our influence with industry, governments, retailers and consumers to make a real difference.

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Last Updated: 14 September 2020