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Seattle-based Vulcan Inc is the engine behind philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen’s network of organizations and initiatives. Empowered by Paul’s vision to make a positive difference in the world, we work to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Vulcan’s founder, Paul G. Allen, was committed to saving our oceans through catalytic philanthropy and scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Coral reefs are among the most important, diverse, and beautiful ecosystems on the planet. Yet warming oceans are causing bleaching events — and the death of corals — on a scale never before seen. To respond to this crisis, Vulcan and its partners, Planet, the University of Queensland, the University of Arizona, and National Geographic Society are developing the Allen Coral Atlas, the first globally consistent and regularly updated high-resolution image data set for coral reefs. By incorporating advances in artificial intelligence, this new monitoring system will issue alerts when coral reef health declines, allowing governments and conservationists to take action to protect reefs threatened by warming waters and other stressors.

In 2018, Vulcan launched a new partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and ICRI to: 1) develop and adopt a new global target for coral reefs at the Convention on Biological Diversity Conference of the Parties in Beijing in 2020; and 2) establish a public-private, multi-stakeholder Global Fund for Coral Reefs to facilitate the use of innovative financing mechanisms and unlock financing for coral reef-related climate adaptation. We invite ICRI members and other countries, donors, NGOs and individuals to join us in these efforts.

In 2015, Vulcan made a $4 million, five-year grant to the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and the Australian Institute of Marine Science to identify naturally resilient coral species and then replant them to advance the regeneration of declining coral reefs.

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Last Updated: 23 September 2021