Asian Wetland Symposium 2017

Event Date(s) and Time
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - Saturday, November 11, 2017
Saga, Japan
Contact Person
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Asian Wetland Symposium 2017 Executive Committee Secretariat
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Overall objectives

Review achievements, practices, progress, and challenges faced related to conservation of wetlands in Asia in the past quarter century. We will also consider what should be done, looking towards the next quarter century and beyond, to mainstream conservation and wise use of wetlands. This will greatly contribute to meeting the Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016 – 2024, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the Sustainable Develop-ment Goals (SDGs).


  • Share skills, traditional knowledge, techniques and methods, good practices and examples of failures of conservation and wise use of wetlands in Asia.
  • Compile strategies and activities for realizing wise use of Ramsar Sites and other wetlands Expand networks among site managers, wetland centers and stakeholders in Asia.
  • Enhance international cooperation and partnership on wetland conservation in the region.
  • Contribute to Ramsar COP13, particularly to support the implementation of the Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016 – 2024 and CEPA Programme 2016 – 2024, through reporting good practices of wise use of wetlands in Asia.
  • Enhance involvement of the next generation in conservation and wise use of wetlands.
  • Bring together WLI Asia members to promote wetland centers and share good practice.