Coral Reef Associated Fisheries

The Ad Hoc Committee on Coral Reef Associated Fisheries was created in 2010 at ICRI’s 24 General Meeting in Monaco, where a special session on Coral Reef Associated Fisheries was held. It was tasked with compiling information for ICRI members about sustainable management of coral reef associated fisheries. The Committee was originally co-chaired by Coral Reef Initiatives for the Pacific (CRISP) and the Society for the Conservation of Reef Fish Aggregations (SCRFA); since the CRISP program has now come to an end it is now solely being chaired by SCRFA. At the last ICRI General Meeting (OCtober 2014),  amended Terms of Reference were adopted.

The Ad Hoc Committee has agreed on undertaking the following 6 activities:

  1. Continue to work with ICRI Secretariat to disseminate information on key science and management issues for fish aggregations, and the need to ensure fish aggregations are included in coral reef management planning.
  2. Engage ICRI members to contribute information to the SCRFA Fish Aggregation Database to fill information gaps.
  3. Depending if adequate information is obtained, produce an updated version of the Status Report – World’s Fish Aggregations.
  4. Produce an information sheet on the importance of sustainable reef associated fisheries to the health of coral reefs.
  5. Link with the Regional Lionfish Committee to provide an update to ICRI about the impact of lionfish on fisheries species in the Caribbean.
  6. Provide an update to ICRI on land-use and fishing impact on bumphead parrotfish, a fish species essential to coral reef health.

Activities and achievements so far include: