ICRI’s social media

ICRI is now ‘social’ – if you would like to be updated on ICRI activities please ‘follow’ or ‘like’ us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. These pages are here to keep you updated on recent or upcoming ICRI activities but you could also use them to:

  • Spread the word – let the ICRI community know about relevant activities in your part of the world (whether it is an Ad Hoc Committee event, a regional network activity , an interesting project on coral reef, or anything of relevance to ICRI) by commenting or sending something for the Secretariat to post on your behalf.
  • Ask for contribution – you could use these media to ask for a photo, data, observations or anything else that could help you in your work.
  • Contribute yourself – post photos, videos, thoughts, comments on a specific topic.
  • Informally indicate your presence at an upcoming event (ICRI General Meeting, side event etc.) when these are posted on our Facebook page.
  • Quickly check dates and locations of past ICRI events such as General Meetings thanks to Facebook’s Timeline.

These pages are here to enable constructive interactions within the ICRI community, so please make the most of it! You can start by checking our terms of use on our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there!

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