France - Samoa secretariat

2009 - 2011
Past Secretariat
Secretariat Members: 
Secretariat Members: 
Jean-Pierre Thébault (France)
Ambassador for the Environment
Ms Faalavaau Perina Sila
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Assistant Chief Executive Officer

Since July 1st 2009 and until December 31st, 2011, the ICRI secretariat is be co-chaired by France and Samoa, in relation with Monaco. For France, the co-chair is the Ambassador for the Environment, Jean-Pierre Thébault. Patrick Van Klaveren, Ambassadeur de Monaco auprès de Sa Majesté le Roi d'Espagne, and Permanent Representative to Scientific, Environmental and Humanitarian International Bodies, is the focal point for the Principality of Monaco.

The incoming secretariat congratulates the United States and Mexico for their work related to coral reef conservation and the accomplishments during their term.

Contact Points
Francis Staub
Pascal Colin
Ministère en charge de l'Outremer
Bernard Moutou
Ministère de l'écologie, de l'énergie, du développement durable et de la mer

Initiative Internationale pour les Recifs Coralliens
International Coral Reef Initiative Secretariat (ICRI)
C/O  Ministère de l’outre-mer
27, rue Oudinot  - 75007 Paris

Plan of Action

Action plan for the ICRI secretariat (2009-2011)

  • To continue the implementation of the ICRI “framework for actions” and “renewed call to action”, and reformulate a new “call to action”.
  • To strengthen the participation of international and U.N. organizations and countries(founding countries and countries with large surface of coral reefs) at ICRI by diplomatic actions, and involve the private sector and foundations.
  • To promote regional cooperation at the ICRI General Meeting by organizing a regional day during the General Meeting.
  • Promote the international tools on coral reef management. To continue the ongoing actions on Marine Protected Areas and MPAs networks, and initiate a discussion on the large marine protected areas.
  • To dedicate actions on related ecosystems: mangroves and sea grass beds.
  • Support the ICRI Networks, and participate actively in the animation and implementation of their programme.
  • Facilitate the organization of the International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium (ITMEMS).
  • Organize ICRI General Meetings.