17 ICRI General Meeting

Mon, 2005-04-25 - Wed, 2005-04-27

The summary record contains a 2 page executive summary that lists all the actions that were identified during the meeting, as well as decisions, committee activities and resolutions. The rest of the text is for reference giving some indication of the debate. Where possible supporting documents and presentations are linked to keep the summary as concise as possible.


Two Resolutions were adopted:
  • Revision of the Resolution Organization and Management Procedures for the International Coral Reef Initiative.
  • ICRI Resolution on Artificial Coral Reef Restoration and Rehabilitation.


The meeting agreed:
  • A Statement of ICRI's "Global Vision for Local Action".
  • The acceptance of three new members: Coral Cay Conservation, The Nature Conservancy and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • The next ICRI General Meeting will be held from 31st October - 2nd November, Koror, Palau.
  • ITMEMS 3 will be held in October 2006, Cozumel, Mexico.
  • The acceptance of anICRI statement to ICP .
  • The acceptance of the ICRI answer ICP

Committee outcomes

  • The meeting endorsed the establishment of the cold-water corals committee.

  • The MPA working group continued discussions as a means of communication and exchange of information. The Committee will develop yearly strategies to take full advantage of events such as CBD liaison group - Montecatini, UNOALOS, CZ05 and others.