ICRI General Meeting 28 – Agenda & Documents


Monday 14th: Day 1
Session 1: Opening and membership
Opening and welcome
Presentation & adoption the agenda
Welcome new members and observers, including opportunity for response from:

Session 2: Reports from ICRI bodies
Presentations on Members’ Reports



Updates from Ad Hoc Committees

Reports from regional initiatives

Session 3: ICRI governance
Updating the ICRI “Call to Action”, “Framework for Action” and Administrative Procedures

GCRMN Governance arrangements – presentation (PDF File)
Wrap-up and close
Tuesday 15th: Day 2 – Workshops
Session 4: Monitoring
Workshop #1: “Coral reef monitoring (including community-based monitoring)
Session 5: Co-management
Workshop #2: “Community based management (including co-management) 
Wednesday 16th – Day 3 (All Day): Field trip
Thursday 17th – Day 4: General business
ICRI communication tools – presentation (PDF File)
ICRI Small Grants Report – presentation (PDF File)

ICRI input to CBD workplan on coral bleaching – presentation (PDF File)

Decision adopted by the conference of the parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity at its eleventh meeting – XI/18 -Marine and coastal biodiversity: sustainable fisheries and addressing adverse impacts of human activities, voluntary guidelines for environmental assessment, and marine spatial planning (PDF File)

GCRMN Regional activity

Monitoring work and databases in the Dutch Caribbean (including Lionfish reporting App) – presentation (PDF File)
Meeting reports:

  • 2nd Global Conference on Land-Ocean Connections, Oct. 2013 – Presentation (PDF File)
  • Panamerican Coral Reef Congress, Oct. 2013
IFRECOR sponsorship strategy (presentation, PDF File)
Session 7: Meeting outcomes
Adopted documents from the meeting

Session 8: The future
Coming events of interest to members (presentation, PDF File)
Summary of Australia/Belize Secretariat activity – presentation (PDF File)
ICRI Secretariat handover ceremony
Presentation by incoming ICRI Secretariat hosts – presentation (PDF File)
Closing remarks

Press coverage: Plus Belize TV news coverage of GM28


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