Ad hoc committee on reef restoration

An ad hoc committee on reef restoration adopted was created at the 33rd ICRI General Meeting (December 2018). The objectives of the ad hoc committee are:

  • Assess and document global needs and priorities for current and future reef restoration and adaptation programs.
  • Assess and document global research and development priorities to deliver the methods, productivity and cost breakthroughs needed to support restoration and adaptation program objectives.
  • Identify mechanism(s) to improve joint planning and delivery of reef restoration and adaptation research and development.
  • Identify opportunities to partner on reef restoration and adaptation research and development activities.
  • Identify opportunities to fund a small team to co-ordinate the activities of the Working Group and collate and report outcomes and other outputs.


  • Chairs: Ian McLeod, David Souter
  • France: Aurore Leocadie, Sylvain Pioch, and Mathieu Pinault
  • Reef-World: Chloe Harvey
  • Australia: Amanda Brigdale, David Wachenfeld
  • Indonesia: Firdaus Agung
  • SPREP: Peter D., Franck Connan
  • International Coral Reef Society (ICRS): Anastazia (Ania) Banaszak
  • Monaco / CSM: Didier zoccola
  • UNEP-WCMC: Hazel Thornton
  • United States of America / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Jason Philibotte, Jennifer Koss
  • UN Environment: Gabriel Grimsditch, Ahmed Mohamed
  • ICRI Secretariat: Francis Staub

Duration: the ad hoc committee will last not more than one year, with the final report to be presented at the ICRI General Meeting in December 2019. The report will be available on the ICRI Forum.
Working procedures: the ad hoc committee will conduct its work via email, telephone, video conference and, when necessary, internet-based services.

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