Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN)

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ICRI Network

GCRMN supports ICRI by working through a global network to strengthen the provision of best available scientific information on and communication of the status and trends of coral reef ecosystems, for their conservation and management.

The main substantive activity of GCRMN, providing a foundation for its other activities and outputs, is the preparation of regional periodic assessments drawing on monitoring, research and other data and establishment of regional GCRMN committees, where possible drawing on existing nodes and linked to existing Regional Seas mechanisms. The approach piloted in the Caribbean 2012-2014 provides the blueprint for this.

  • The regional assessment report provides a scientific foundation for identification of recommended minimum standards for monitoring indicators and methods as well as actionable recommendations for coral reef policy and management. The regional reports and committees provide a basis for development of more synthetic global reports (see below).
  • The process of developing the regional report also supports the establishment of regional networks of sites and institutions that commit to applying minimum standards in ongoing monitoring.
  • Where possible development of regional reports may utilize opportunities provided by ongoing and planned regional initiatives and projects. This would also enable GCRMN to pursue two or more regional processes concurrently.

At the last ICRI General Meeting (held in Japan in October 2014), a GCRMN Working Group was held to discuss Summary of discussions the GCRMN primary purpose and objectives; the main GCRMN activities towards achieving its objectives; the needs and requirements in terms of coordination, scientific direction and strengthening the network; and the follow-up actions. The summary of discussions is available here.

GCRMN in the Pacific

Coordinator: Serge Planes ( and Charlotte Moritz ( , CRIOBE

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