Wildlife Conservation Society

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Non Governmental Organization
Jason Patlis
Executive Director, Marine Conservation
Caleb McClennen
Vice President, Global Conservation
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Along some of the world’s most bountiful coastlines, WCS works to safeguard 11 priority seascapes where the last of our ocean giants, coral reefs, and great colonies of sea birds thrive. These vast areas—where barrier reefs may protect shorelines, fishery stocks sustain human and wildlife communities, and migratory species like sea turtles and whales come to rear their young—are integral to both people and nature. Addressing the complex relationships between the ecosystems of the sea, coast, and areas inland, WCS links marine and land management initiatives in comprehensive conservation strategies. These strategies are the backbone of such WCS projects as the Sea & Sky initiative to protect Argentina’s Southwest Atlantic, and our work in the coastal forests and shallow waters of Madagascar’s Antongil Bay.

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Last Updated: 13 January 2019