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Global Intergovernmental Organization or Multilateral Environmental Agreement

UNEP-WCMC has been addressing marine and coastal biodiversity issues for over twenty years, from the polar regions to the tropics, and from coastlines to the shallow and deep seas.

In 2007 UNEP-WCMC decided to consolidate its considerable marine experience and expertise to form the One Ocean Programme. This programme has been designed to reflect the interconnected nature of the world's oceans and coastlines, and the rich and varied biodiversity it supports. This Programme considers the many values of marine biodiversity and the importance it has to a range of sectors and stakeholders, including, UN, governmental and international agencies, processes and conventions. It also recognizes the great importance of marine resources to millions of people and numerous local communities.

The One Ocean Programme seeks to synthesise, analyse and disseminate marine and coastal biodiversity knowledge, which not only provides the basis for decision making, but advances the understanding and debate regarding the sustainable use and development of marine and coastal goods and services. It liberates and gives direct, applied relevance to the data and knowledge it accumulates and assesses in order to assist UNEP and other partners to respond appropriately to current and emerging issues of importance for the marine environment, such as, inter alia, climate change, regular assessment of the marine environment, the high and deep seas, 2012 MPA target, marine bio-prospecting, etc.

Lauren Weatherdon
Marine Programme
Programme Officer
Hazel Thornton
Marine Programme
Assistant Programme Officer
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Last Updated: 24 November 2017