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The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) plays a role in policy formation and planning, involving proposing laws and legislation. DMCR also enforces relevant laws to prevent damages and promote sustainable utilization. In addition to these responsibilities, DMCR also monitors and carries out research and development as well as conserves and rehabilitates coastal resources. Marine and Coastal Research and Development Institute is the organization working under DMCR, with responsibility specially on research implementation in the marine and coastal habitats such as coral reef, seagrass bed and mangrove. Results from research are used by the DMCR (or by other departments) for planning/management, such as proposing appropriate sites to protect marine and coastal resources.

Nalinee Thongtham
Department of Marine and Coastal Resources
Marine Ecologist
Thamasak Yeemin
Ramkhamhaeng University
Lecturer, Coral Reef Biologist and Manager
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Surface of Coral Reefs: 

This surface area is specific to coral reefs, not include water area surrounding the reefs.

MPA Information
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About 70% (168 km2 ) of coral reefs in Thailand are in MPA (marine national parks and marine sanctuaries). The area of coral reef MPAs is about 0.05% of total marine area of Thailand (note: total marine area is about 323,488 km2).

Ramsar Sites
Ramsar sites with coral reefs: 
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Last Updated: 25 November 2018