New Caledonia

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Anne-Claire Goarant
Government of New Caledonia
In charge of multilateral cooperation, Office of Regional cooperation and external relations
Nathalie Baillon
CEN (Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels) - Natural Space Conservatory
Thierry Canteri
Government of New Caledonia
Head of Maritime Affairs office (DAM)
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Surface of Coral Reefs: 
National Coral Reef Initiative
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CEN has been coordinating since 2016 the IFRECOR initiative which supports coral reef protection and management policies implemented by the 3 provinces, the government and their partners.

In New-Cal├ędonie IFRECOR comprises:

  • A local committee which is made up of local collectivities, scientists private sector and NGOs; chaired by the high commissioner.
  • A technical working group to implement and monitor the local action plan.


MPA Information
MPA(s) with coral reefs: 
Precentage of coral reef MPA(s) to the coastal zone or marine area: 
Ramsar Sites
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World Heritage Sites
World Heritage Sites with Coral Reefs: 
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On 8 July 2008, the natural site of the "Lagoon of New Caledonia: Reef Diversity and Associated Ecosystems" was classified by UNESCO within the prestigious World Heritage List. This site, consisting of six marine areas representing the entire diversity of reefs and associated ecosystems, is one of the three largest reef systems in the world.

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Last Updated: 24 June 2019