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There is no official coral reef action plan. The Sub ministry of Coastal Marine Resources is currently implementing several coral reef related programs, as well as other NGOs like Reef Check DR (RCDR), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Grupo Jaragua, CEBSE, Conservation International (CI). These include: nation-wide monitoring program (RCDR); collaboration for the management of La Caleta MPA (RCDR); Mooring buoys for La Caleta MPA (RCDR, SEMARENA), Catalina Island MPA (RCDR, SEMARENA), Punta Rucia MPA (RCDR, SEMARENA), Creation of a new MPA, Snorkeling camps for kids (RCDR); Workshops on marine conservation (RCDR, TNC, CI, SEMARENA).

A draft action plan for coral reefs was drafted in year 2001 by the Directorate of Fisheries Resources with the support of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism but has not been implemented mainly due to very limited logistical support and funding.

Nina Lysenko
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Technical Coordinator of Vice-Ministry of Coastal and Marine Resources
Rubén E. Torres
Reef Check Dominican Republic
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Last Updated: 22 August 2016