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Coral Guardian is a not-for-profit organization empowering coastal communities for the conservation of coral ecosystems, integrating sustainable community development while leveraging social and economic impact through marine ecosystems preservation and valuation.

We develop community-led programs for integrated coral reef management, LMMAs establishment, sustainable fisheries management, funded with circular economic models to ensure their full autonomy. Our capacity building programs show that effective management of coral reefs improves food security.

Over the last 5 years our models have guided regional fisheries policy and been replicated by communities and government agencies in Indonesia.

Integrated Reef Management

  • We train fishermen in coral reef restoration techniques and scientific monitoring of the evolution of the reef through simplified biological survey protocols. This allows them to observe everyday the increasing number of species colonizing the restored reef. We use it as an educative tool.
  • We train them also to conduct monthly social survey and collect fisheries data among their community, so they can understand the impact of sustainable reef management.
  • We help to protect coral reefs and rebuild fisheries through the establishment of a Marine Protected Area (LMMA) locally managed.

Capacity Building

  • We provide theoretical and practical training in marine ecology, marine biology, coral culture, sustainable fisheries management, MPAs management and circular economic models.
  • We help to value coral reefs and empower communities to become leaders and train others. Once the previous steps are completed, the fishermen work autonomously. We help them establish a structure in which the village can work cooperatively together, this continues our work and set an example for other local communities.
  • We build learning centers to support communities to share their experiences and empower others and young generations from local schools to international universites.

Climate Change Adaptation

  • We developped restoration protocols adapted to climate change impacts such as bleaching events, so coral nurseries become resilient to these events likely to occur more often in the near future.
  • We supporting scientific research through research program aiming to better understand the immune system response to thermal stress in partnership with international laboratories and universities.
Guillaume Holzer
Coral Guardian
Development Director
Hélène Lepkowski
Coral Guardian
Public Relations Director
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Last Updated: 10 November 2016