Coral Reef Associated Fisheries

The Ad Hoc Committee on Coral Reef Associated Fisheries was created in 2010 at ICRI’s 24 General Meeting in Monaco, where a special session on Coral Reef Associated Fisheries was held. It was tasked with compiling information for ICRI members about sustainable management of coral reef associated fisheries. The Committee was originally co-chaired by Coral Reef Initiatives for the Pacific (CRISP) and the Society for the Conservation of Reef Fish Aggregations (SCRFA); since the CRISP program has now come to an end it is now solely being chaired by SCRFA. The Ad Hoc Committee has agreed on undertaking the following 7 activities:

  1. Continue to work with ICRI Secretariat to disseminate information on key science and management issues for fish aggregations, and the need to ensure fish aggregations are considered in coral reef management planning.
  2. Engage members to contribute information to the SCRFA global fish aggregation database. This includes filling data gaps on fisheries management status, fish aggregation status, and traditional knowledge.
  3. Identify Pacific Ocean countries for whom training and research on fish aggregations is a priority for management.
  4. Disseminate a questionnaire to the identified Pacific countries on aggregations.
  5. Develop a brochure and training materials for the Pacific countries.
  6. Promote research on fish aggregation areas to improve knowledge on their role in the sustainability of fisheries.
  7. Develop an ICRI status report on the status of fish aggregations globally and or regionally.

Activity 1 is ongoing, and as part of this, SCRFA recently produced a short film. Please distribute this film amongst your networks.

To help with activity 2, can members please nominate to be part of the Ad Hoc Committee, and help fill information gaps in the global fish aggregation database? Currently, several ICRI member counties are not represented in the database. Please visit the database to see what fish aggregations are recorded for your respective countries.


Activities and achievements so far include:

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