ICRI General Meeting 29

The first General Meeting under the Japan-Thailand Secretariat will be held from the 20th to the 23rd of October 2014 at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (http://www.oist.jp) in Okinawa, Japan.

Lastest news

  • The online registration is now open
  • August 1st: Member's report template (Word doc) available
  • July 25: the draft agenda is now available
  • Key Dates

  • Sep 01: Deadline for submission of Member's Report
  • Sep 19: Deadline for Registration, Motions, and comments on Agenda
  • Oct 10: Release of Final Agenda
  • Oct 20: Meeting commences

    Visa requirements

    Please see http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html for general information on obtaining visas to enter Japan. Please also make sure to check http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/short/novisa.html for a list of countries with visa exemption. If you need any assistance (e.g., letters of invitation), please contact icri@env.co.jp.

    About Okinawa

    Okinawa Prefecture is a chain of islands located at the southwestern-most point of the Japanese archipelago. The prefecture consists of 160 islands, both large and small, which are dispersed in a vast marine area of approximately 1,000 kilometers from east to west and 400 kilometers from north to south.

    Due to its geographical location being closest to Southeast Asia, Okinawa has flourished over the centuries through foreign trades and cultural exchanges. Today, Okinawa continues to develop as an international hub with not only its pristine landscapes but also its rich culture. (adapted from http://www.pref.okinawa.lg.jp/site/chijiko/kohokoryu/foreign/english/welcome.html, retrieved on May 16, 2014).

  • Download the draft agenda (last update August 29, 2014)

    Day 0 (Sunday, 19 October 2014)
    GCRMN management group meeting (by invitation only)
    Day 1 (Monday, 20 October 2014)
    Session 1: Opening
    Opening and welcome
    Presentation & adoption of the agenda
    Welcome new members
    Coffee break
    Session 2: Reports from ICRI bodies
    Presentations on Member’s Reports
    Reports from Secretariat
    • Report on ICRI-funded activities by the Australia-Belize Secretariat
    • Introduction of Plan of Action 2014-2015 by the Japan-Thailand Secretariat
    • Progress of ICRI’s 20-year review: For revisiting ICRI’s place among multilateral environmental agreements, other international bodies and initiatives
    • Report on ICRI activities at SIDS and CBD-COP12 side event
    • Report on funds from Monaco
    Updates from Ad Hoc Committees
    • Economic Valuation Committee
    • Coral Reef Associated Fisheries
    • Regional Lionfish Committee
    • Enforcement & Investigation
    GCRMN updates
    • Caribbean region: Carribean report and workshop
    • GCRMN East Asia / Asia_Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (APCRS)
    • Report from the GCRMN Management Group meeting on GCRMN governance
    Coffee break
    Session 3: Regional Initiatives
    • UNEP Coral Reef Partnership / Regional Seas
    • Green Fins project in Thailand by Reef World Foundation
    • UNEP Resilience workshop
    Enhancing resilience of coral reef ecosystems
    • Report from UNEP Resilience workshop in Phuket
    • Future direction of reef resilience
    Wrap-up and close
    Day 2 (Tuesday, 21 October 2014)
    East Asia Regional Meeting (for ICRI East Asia members)
    Future Direction of East Asia Regional Workshop
    Session 4: Technical Workshop
    Workshop on Engaging Other Sectors
    • Coral conservation efforts engaging the primary sector in Okinawa (TBC)
    • Report from “Expert Conference on Development of Island’s Sustainable Societies” (TBC)
    • A coral restoration project at Sekisei Lagoon involving the farming and fishing industries (TBC)
    • Community involvement in coral reef restoration and management in Cu Lao Cham MPA and Nui Chua National Park, Vietnam
    • Involving the fishing community in the management and conservation of MPAs in Mexico (TBC)
    • Marine resource management at La Caleta MPA in the Dominican Republic (TBC)
    • Introducing IPSI activities (TBC)
    • CBD-COP12: Priority Action Plan for Coral Reefs Conservation and facilitating its implementation through the Sustainable Ocean Initiative
    Session 5: Discussion on draft Motions
    Wrap-up and close
    Day 3 (Wednesday, 22 October 2014)
    Field trip (all day)
    Three options:
    • The coral restoration center & mangrove estuary managed by local communities
    • The Tropical Biosphere Research Center at the University of the Ryukyus & the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
    • The Kerama Islands National Park (Diving)
    Day 4 (Thursday, 23 October 2014)
    Session 6: Meeting outcomes
    Adopted documents from the meeting
    Coffee break
    Report back from Ad Hoc Committees
    • Economic Valuation Committee
    • Coral Reef Associated Fisheries
    • Regional Lionfish Committee
    • Enforcement & Investigation
    Miscellaneous business
    Session 7: The future
    Upcoming events of interest to members
    Dates and location of the next ICRI GM
    Session 8: Closing
    Conclusions of ICRI GM 29
    Closing remarks


    The entry airport for the meeting is Naha Airport (OKA).

    Please note that there is no currency exchange counter at the "domestic" terminal of Naha Airport. For participants who will be taking connecting flights to Naha, it is advisable to exchange money upon arrival in Japan (e.g., at Narita) or before leaving your country.

    The Airport Limousine Bus is the best way to go to the hotels. The hotels we recommend below are approximately 70 minutes away from the airport, and the ticket price for the bus should be around 1,600 Japanese Yen (taking a taxi may cost anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 Japanese Yen). Seating on the bus is available on a first-come first-serve basis and cannot be booked in advance. Please check the time schedule (PDF File), and make sure the bus you get on goes to your hotel (the bus route to the hotels is “C Area,” going towards OIST).


    The following hotels are located near the meeting venue (OIST Graduate University, Seaside House). Shuttle bus service from the hotels to the venue will be provided.

    Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha Bay
    Address: 1496 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami, Okinawa 904-0496
    Website: http://www.rizzan.co.jp/english/index.html

    Sunmarina Hotel
    Address: 66-1 Fuchaku, Onnna-son, Kunigami, Okinawa 904-0494
    Website: http://www.ishinhotels.com/sunmarina-hotel/en/index.html

    Kafuu Resort Hotel
    Address: 246-1 Shirifukuchihara, Aza Fuchaku, Onnna-son, Kunigami, Okinawa 904-0413
    Website: http://www.kafuu-okinawa.jp/en/

    Hotel Monterey
    Address: 1550-1 Fuchaku, Onna-son, Kunigami, Okinawa, 904-0413
    Website: http://www.hotelmonterey.co.jp/en/htl/okinawa/

    Other useful information

    • Weather: late October in Okinawa is expected to be around the end of the typhoon season. As long as we are not hit by a typhoon, we should be able to enjoy Okinawa’s warm weather with daily highs around 28 degrees Celsius/83 degrees Fahrenheit and daily lows around 20 degrees Celsius/68 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Airport code: OKA
    • Official language: Japanese
    • Currency: Japanese YEN (currency convertor - www.xe.com)
    • Time Zone: GMT/UTC +9
    • Country Dialing Code: +81
    • Electricity: AC outlet: 100V / Plugs: Type A

    For better meeting arrangement and security purposes, all participants are advised to submit this registration form, on an individual basis, no later than Friday, 19 September 2014

    Participant's Information
    Flight & Hotel
    The organizer will be arranging complimentary shuttle buses from the hotels to the meeting venue based on the information provided in this section. For this reason, if possible, please make your own hotel reservation prior to submitting this registration form. Selected hotels include:
    Transportation in Okinawa
    Pick-up service from the airport to the hotels will NOT be provided; please take a Limousine Bus from the airport (see tab “Travel and Accommodation” for information on the Limousine Bus). Complimentary shuttle bus service will be provided between the selected hotels and the meeting venue in the mornings and evenings.
    Field Trip
    The field trip will be organized on Wednesday, the 22nd. Please note that the Kerama Islands trip is subject to change due to weather conditions.

    If you would like to add an item on the agenda or present a report, please contact the ICRI Secretariat by September 19.